A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

131072 (weird name, huh) is currently a survival game where you can adventure around and enjoy yourself. Right now, you can use your axe to break trees, place logs, grow trees, and create fire! If you like the game, please look forward for future updates. (And yes, it is meant to be pixellated)


WASD to move

Mouse to look

RIGHT CLICK to place & Pick Up Items

LEFT CLICK to break

R to rotate log (Before its placed, so you place it either on its side or standing)

Up/Down Arrow Keys to switch between items (found at the left-hand side)

I think thats all :P

Install instructions

How to Download (For Pre-Alpha 0.5 & Up)

1. Extract the setup executable

2. Click on the exe

3. Do what it says

4. Enjoy :D

(OUTDATED) How to Download (For Pre-Alpha 0.1-0.4):

1. extract all files from .zip into a folder

2. in the folder, there is an EXE called "Pre-Alpha Version 0.1.exe" or "131072.exe"

3. run the exe, make sure all the files in the folder are in the same folder as the exe

4. enjoy :D


131072 Pre-Alpha Version 0.7 Windows 216 MB
131072 Pre-Alpha Version 0.7 MacOSX 284 MB
131072 Pre-Alpha Version 0.7 Linux 302 MB

Development log


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